Wargaming Square and Rectangular Bases – WHFB, The Old World TOW

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These can be any shape – so far I have had requests for the following square or rectangular wargaming bases:


Slotted 30x60s available in this listing instead.


20x20mm square

30x30mm square

20x80mm rectangular

25x25mm square



40x40mm square

30x60mm rectangular

40x60mm rectangular

50x50mm square



60x60mm square

60x100mm rectangular


100x100mm square



150x150mm square


If you need another size get in touch and I can make that too.


The bases are solid with holes for 5x1mm magnets on the underside.

Base Size

20x20mm 10x set, 25x25mm 10x set, 25x50mm rectangular, 40mm square, 40x60mm rectangular, 50mm square, 50x75mm rectangular, 50x100mm rectangular, set of 2, 60×100 rectangular, 75x100mm rectangular, 100x150mm rectangular, 100x160mm rectangular, 25x100mm rectangular, 20x80mm rectangular, 60mm square, 100mm square, 80×130 rectangular, 130×180 rectangular, 150mm square, 70×140, 2 of, 30×60 rectangular, 5 of, 30x30mm square, 10 of, 75mm square, 30×75 rectangular, 2 of, 60×75 rectangular, 5 of

1 review for Wargaming Square and Rectangular Bases – WHFB, The Old World TOW

  1. Lex (verified owner)

    There are good and I’m going to buy more for my Old World army but its worth noting that there’s not any shots of the underside of the bases: they are solid, with cutouts for 5mm magnets, not the classic hollow / lipped bases you might be used to from GW etc.
    I use 7x2mm magnets so had to buy some more, smaller magnets to fit. Not a big deal but it doesn’t say it in the listing anywhere so don’t assume they’re the same as the classic GW bases

    • Jake (store manager)

      Thanks for the review! Sorry I missed including that in the listing description, that has been added now.

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