Replacement toolbox insert for Sidchrome 14105 Tool Kit


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Please check out the frequently asked questions for Sidchrome Replacement Inserts page here before ordering. This is a 3D printed replacement for the Sidchrome 14105 tool box as shown. No tools or toolbox included. Comes in two pieces which fit into the base of the tool box.


This particular insert (14105) has a difference to most of the rest of what I have made so far – the larger sockets on the outside edges require a very, very thin layer of plastic under them for the top of them not to foul the lid when it closes. Please don’t load it up with the big sockets before putting it in the box – the support of the metal underneath should prevent any issues.


Only fits the era of tools pictured – e.g. if you have a set with mostly tapered sockets, a longer extension (or a Proto era box, etc.) than the one that came in the era shown at least some of the tools won’t fit.


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