Replacement toolbox insert for Sidchrome 13110 Tool Kit


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This is a 3D printed replacement for the Sidchrome 13110 tool box as shown.


No tools or toolbox included. Comes in two pieces which fit into the base of the tool box.


The printed piece is made out of PETG and should be resistant to warping up to about 55 degrees Celsius.


Lead time on these can be up to a couple of weeks due to the print length and availability of yellow PETG – if you need to know what it is get in touch via the contact page before ordering. The exact shade of yellow will vary, and will likely be more than one shade through it’s height – even the same filament from the same manufacturer has enough of a difference colour-wise to be noticeable. I make an effort to have the top layer be the same across both parts so that it looks even when filled with tools.


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