Modeling Paint and Brush Stand – Citadel, Vallejo etc.


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This is a remix of the miniature stands designed to hold paints! There are cutouts in each hex to receive a Citadel paint pot (base, layer, contrast, shade, technical all fit) and there’s another cutout inside that to receive dropper bottles like what you find in the Vallejo ranges.


The stands tesselate nicely, so you can stack them side by side neatly.


The outside and inside corners are for the 21-pot size only – the outside corner holds 12 pots and the inside one 24 pots.


You can get it in a tall or short version – the front/back and left/right dimensions are the same for each model, the only difference is in the height. You can still tesselate a tall and short one side by side if you so desire.


The 21-pot holders are 205.5mm wide, 150mm deep, and the height is either 36mm or 122mm.


The 30-pot holders are 205.5mm wide, 206mm deep and the height is either 62mm or 182mm.


The short/10/straight piece is a 2-row extension for the short 30 pot stand – see pic.


Printed in black PLA.



Tall, Short

Number Of Paints

15, 21, 30, 10

Straight piece, corner or end?

Straight, Inside Corner, Outside Corner, End


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