Wargaming Bases – Rocky sculpted FDM printed bases



Number of variations:

25mm – 5x

32mm – 5x

40mm – 5x

60mm – 2x

105x70mm oval – 2x

All others have one variation.


25mm round, 32mm round  and 40mm round bases have an optional slot through the entire base which is nominally 20x2mm. The other round sizes are not slotted. Non slotted bases have magnet holes in the underside.


Printed at 200 micron layer height – layer lines will be noticeable in the angled rocks.


Designed and 3D printed in Newcastle, Australia out of black or grey PLA. Colour may vary within the one order depending on availability of quality filament.

Additional information


25mm with slot, 25 of, 32mm with slot, 20 of, 32mm no slot, 20 of, 32mm with slot, 30 of, 32mm no slot, 30 of, 40mm, 10 of, 40mm with slot, 10 of, 60mm round, 2 of, 60mm round, 6 of, 105×70 oval, 2 of, 170×105 oval, 110×80 rectangle


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