Tray stoppers for green diamond beading trays

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Suits the little green trays with no spouts or plugs which commonly come with diamond bead paintings.


$14.95 for a set of 50 stoppers. Green trays and labels not included!

1 review for Tray stoppers for green diamond beading trays

  1. Jenn

    I asked Jake if he was able to make a plug for the green trays I use to Diamond Paint as none of the ones I have seen will fit.

    I think the part that took the longest was Jake waiting for one of the trays to reach him (good old Aus Post) Jake tried his hardest to do it with just my measurements but in the end sending a tray was the best way.

    I previously purchased tray holders which are picture with the plugs in them and I absolutely love them, especially now. So much quicker to access drill. Thank you Jake I will definitely be using you again in the future.

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