Extra Deep Mini Diamond Bead Painting Drill Trays

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3D printed, extra deep compared to the originals! Each tray comes with a plug.


Sold singly or in a set of three.

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1 review for Extra Deep Mini Diamond Bead Painting Drill Trays

  1. Wendy Stewart

    Oh my GOODNESS !!!! I cannot recommend these trays more highly! They are AMAZING !

    To be honest, I purchased them thinking… oh, they’ll be ok, but it wasn’t until I received them and started using them that I realised just how GREAT they really are.

    For 1 thing, they are flat on the bottom (unlike some of the short sided white ones that come in some kits that are bent), and, as much as it doesn’t seem like a big thing, it really is.

    Another awesome thing is the grooves along the base are a tiny bit higher, which actually helps the drills to flip over better, and are easier to remove from the grooves.

    The removable stopper at the end is an amazing feature… no more drills “escaping” out the spout when you don’t realise.. but they now all stay in the tray until you remove the stopper and pour them back into the container.

    And finally, and this is the BEST feature, is the high sides… no more “unplaced drill confetti” going everywhere when you shake the tray, and don’t go all over your canvas … the drill actually stay in the tray, I will be honest and say, using a deeper tray feels different (only because if you have been used to using a tray literally half the height, you get used to where you can rest your hand when getting drills) – BUT… it doesn’t take long to get used to this tray.

    Total game changer. !!!!
    Overall Review: 10/10
    FANTASTIC trays . Great Investment.

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