Diamond Painting Green Boat Shaped Tray Holder – Stackable


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Holds the little green boat shaped trays that you get with your diamond bead paintings. Note: Not the green ones with the opening at the front, for those you want the mini tray holder (designed for more rectangular shaped trays).


Note: These will only stack with other green boat shaped tray holders, the mini tray holders are a different size and won’t sit properly on top/underneath.


Please select your colour from the dropdown box! The default is black.


Some small blemishes may be present on the outside of the tray holder. The larger ones are a 50+ hour print, so the lead time on these is at least two days!


Dimensions – all are 85mm deep:


5-slot: 51mm wide, 66.2mm tall

10-slot: 102mm wide, 66.2mm tall

15-slot: 153mm wide, 66.2mm tall

20-slot: 203mm wide, 66.2mm tall

30-slot: 153mm wide, 129mm tall

40-slot: 203mm wide, 129mm tall

60-slot: 203mm wide, 191mm tall

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How Many Trays?

5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60


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