Diamond Bead Painting Stackable Rounded Drill Sorting Trays

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These guys stack and come with both a spout and a plug! Rounded for ease of holding, and they’re keyed so they don’t slide off one another easily when stacked.

The base is ~7cm across and ~16.5cm long. The standard height is ~10mm to the top of the tray (excluding the tabs) and the extra deep is ~18mm.


Price is per tray. Lids are optional – they are great for putting on the top tray of the stack or for covering up trays that aren’t currently stacked.

3 reviews for Diamond Bead Painting Stackable Rounded Drill Sorting Trays

  1. Tania H

    I just received one of these in white. I used it last night and today – it is fantastic! Great size, lovely to hold being oval shape, plug on end really useful, and the diamond beads sit in tray so well. This is definitely my favourite tray and the one I will be using from now on. I have recommended on the Facebook Diamond Painting Club page as I love this tray.
    Delivery was prompt, no issues. Thank you HeyJake!

  2. Fran (verified owner)

    Hey Jake,
    Received my new trays today and they look amazing. Will be using these today while I diamond paint

  3. Kim Mollison

    I will be ordering one of these
    Love them so much

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