Diamond Bead Painting Mini Tray Holders – Stackable

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Available in a variety of sizes, and suit our mini spouted trays!


Each stackable unit comes in one colour, and you can mix and match like so:


That’s a 10-slot yellow on top of a 10-slot white and another 10-slot blue, next to a 10-slot sky blue, a 10-slot red and a 10-slot orange – three of which have full complements of white trays and plugs.  We have found it’s best to glue them down if you want to prevent accidental knocks, though. Please note that they only stack on other mini tray holders and not the green/large tray holders, as they’re all different widths.


The tray slots are each approximately 80mm deep, 8.9mm high and 62.8mm wide.


Any choice with trays comes with free white stoppers with extra wide ends – perfect for putting a sticker on or for writing a drill number on.

Additional information

What size holder?

Single (5x trays), Double (10x trays), Triple (15x trays), 30 trays, 45 trays, 60 trays

With trays and stoppers?

No trays, White trays and stoppers, Trays of same colour as holder with white stoppers

1 review for Diamond Bead Painting Mini Tray Holders – Stackable

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    I purchased Double x 10 mini tray holders with trays & stoppers. They are fantastic & make doing the diamond paintings so much easier. I use to have to unscrew a container, tip the drills into a tray, then put them back in the container when I was finished with that colour drill. It doesn’t sound like it takes up time, but believe me these holders with the trays & stoppers proved it saves a lot of time & the drills are always ready to be used when you need them. I have just recently purchased another Double x 10 tray holder with the trays & stoppers. Thanks for a great product Jim

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