5D Diamond Bead Painting Spouted Tray Set With Holder


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This sorting tray set includes a coloured tray holder with round cut-outs for small pots, three white spouted sorting trays and a joining piece to connect multiple holders together.

The trays are individually 6.2cm wide, 10.4cm long and 7.3cm high. Made in Newcastle, Australia.


This comes in two variants, and the difference is in the size of the round hole – one suits a round wax holder/bead container of 30mm or less, and the other 42mm or less.


Each size can be joined to the other, though the larger one does protrude further back than the smaller!


Don’t like the end being open? Choose a left end piece, a middle piece or a right end piece to suit your needs. Each comes with one connector piece so you should never be short.

Additional information

Which size round hole?

30, 42


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